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MAD B - DMAC 015 Rev.5 December 2021

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MAD B - DMAC 015 Rev.5 December 2021Medical Equipment to be Held at the Site of an Offshore Diving Operation

Apox Medical Case for the offshore diving industry.

This set is made according to the DMAC 15 Rev.5 Guidelines.

Together with our pharmacy, we ensure that this set has a minimum date of 1 year after delivery.


This set contains 2 sealed cases:

  • The full DMAC15 set 
  • DMAC Case - Wenoll Oxygen Rebreather Unit WS100)
    • AED unit Zoll Power-hearth Plus, English Spoken, or a AED at your wish (If Available)
    • Certificate by Medical doctor of diving, Dr. J. Noordsij - BIG 49023012601
    • Packed in a watertight and nearly unbreakable Explorercases 7641


This set is without the HEC* Case and the HRU* Case

*HEC : Held in a Diving Bell and Hyperbaric Welding Habitat

*HRU : Held in a Hyperbaric Rescue Unit (HRU) compartment